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Gain transparency in your healthcare with up-to-date and accurate provider ratings based on validated patient visits.

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Your health is important. MedStatix provides the transparency that is critical for you to make the best possible decisions for your healthcare. Our surveys are sent exclusively to patients who have had a confirmed visit with a particular provider, resulting in minimized risk for ratings being skewed by a competitor. Our familiar, user-friendly, star rating system makes provider ratings easy to interpret and compare.

Each month, the ratings are automatically updated with the latest data to the provider's own website, ensuring that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date data. MedStatix also awards annual top performer badges for providers with more than 60 reviews that have excelled in overall satisfaction ratings.

Who is MedStatix?

MedStatix has created a patient survey engine used by physician practices to help honestly monitor and measure the patient experience. Providers that choose our platform are passionate about the quality of care they provide to patients. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their communication, practice operations, and overall customer service.

Our Methodology

MedStatix sends surveys to patients shortly after they visit with a provider. The quick, 3-5 minute survey provides direct insight into areas where they excel, and others that may need some attention. The resulting information is anonymized and aggregated for the providers and practice administrators, in real-time, so they can improve processes if needed. This empowers providers with a constant pulse to monitor how they are caring for patients, how they can improve, and helps ensure that your health outcomes are not affected by poor customer service.

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