GO Pass for MedStatix Patients

Your patients complete a COVID-19 screening survey and a biometric assessment.

Accessing GO Pass Results

Log in to the MedStatix Dashboard.
Click GO Pass to access the dashboard and to review patient results.

The GO Pass dashboard will open and the results of all patients who have completed a COVID-19 screening will be shown.

If you have any questions about GO Pass features, or would like to adjust the preferences, please do not hesitate to reach out to sales@medstatix.com.


How much does it cost?
The base COVID-19 survey is free to MedStatix customers. Additional GO Pass offerings are available through our Kickstarter campaign.

Why is MedStatix providing this COVID-19 survey?
We're trying to help. Our mission is to use survey products to improve the patient experience. In this time of crisis, nothing is more important than helping patients and providers effectively team together to avoid sickness and loss of life.

How do I get my patients to receive this survey?
All patients will automatically receive an email invitation to complete the COVID-19 survey the day before their scheduled visit.

How does this impact patient privacy?
GO Pass does not retain biometric or symptom data. Additionally, GO Pass personal information is secured by Powch™, a patent protected, cryptographic pseudonymity system. It protects identity in a manner similar to Bitcoin and blockchain.