The MedStatix Patient Experience Platform™ is a quantitative and qualitative analysis platform that delivers healthcare providers and administrators actionable insights from the voice of their patients. Through meaningful patient engagements we are able to measure and improve every patient experience.

At MedStatix we work to strengthen the patient-provider relationship in order to promote higher engagement, increased understanding, improved outcomes, and lower costs. Our unique approach involves specialty-specific surveys and a partnership with industry-leading physicians and advisors that ensures we are asking the right questions, providing the right analytics, and offering actionable insights.

Our cloud-based, mobile-optimized surveys deliver simplicity and convenience, resulting in response rates of more than 40% and completion rates of more than 97%, which are unprecedented within the industry. Patients are given a voice through our familiar star rating system, while real-time data allows providers to actively manage their reputation by identifying both risks and opportunities for improvement. All of our partners are key players in our vision and include: Providers, EHR Vendors, Digital Integration Vendors, Healthcare Value Added Service Providers, and Patients.

MedStatix has over a decade of experience and has driven completion of more than 3 million patient surveys, as well as customer insight platforms and analytics for Fortune-class brands.

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