Susquehanna Valley Women’s Healthcare, which consists of The Women’s Healthcare Group (TWHC) and Drs. May Grant & Associates has six providers on the 2015 list.  Only 12% of all providers on our platform made the 2015 list. The criteria to the make the list was 60 completed surveys and over 96% for their satisfaction score. TWHC is honored with having three of their providers, John Lawrence, M.D., Kathryn Hassinger, M.D. and Valerie Cravens, CRNP on the Top Performers 2015 list.  All of them had over 100 completions and over 97% satisfaction score, which is the top 4% for all providers.  Dr. Hassinger and Dr. Lawrence are repeat recipients, making the list two years in a row

The Drs. May Grant & Associates has three providers making the list, Andres Martiny, D.O, Laura Good, M.D. and Katrina Wyse, M.D.  All three were first time recipients this year.  Dr. Martiny not only qualified for the list, but was in the top 3% of all providers, quite an accomplishment for a first time recipient.

Drs. May Grant & Associates promotes their satisfaction ratings and posts the scores for each provider. Click on any provider to see their score.  Those that made the list will display an award next to their score.