March 26, 2020

Dear MedStatix Customers, Providers, and Patients:

As we face an unprecedented healthcare crisis, real data and the awareness of their meaning will provide significant impact to help us preserve the health and lives of patients and providers.

Our mission at MedStatix is to use our unique survey assets to improve the patient experience. For us, nothing is more important than helping patients and providers partner to achieve the best health outcomes. 

The Center for Medicare Services (CMS) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued sweeping regulatory policy changes designed to facilitate virtual healthcare delivery intended to flatten the curve.  Scarcity of COVID-19 testing combined with increasing numbers of symptomatic patients present hospitals and clinics with the real danger of their capacity being overwhelmed with in-person visits.  Social Distancing and Treatment in Place, supervised by healthcare professionals, help to limit the spread of the disease and preserve capacity at facilities.  Unfortunately, at this moment when healthcare professionals are needed most, many of our practices are having to furlough staff because of declining in-person visits. 

A platform that delivers accurate symptom data to healthcare providers is an essential requirement for evaluating patients and guiding their treatment.  MedStatix' artificial intelligence and powerful analytics utilize the "wisdom of the crowd" data obtained from patients and their treating providers.  Together, these data have empowered us to provide new tools to help facilitate accurate screening and ranking of patient symptoms for COVID-19 and to provide maps showing incidence and disease progression within our communities. 

To enable this AI-based synthesis, we partnered with Clio Health to create the Coronavirus Screening and Risk Forecast tools.  Patients can use these tools to assess their symptoms and risk level.  High-risk and urgent-risk patients are directed to healthcare providers, who can then choose to provide virtual visits for these patients with a single click.  

For our client providers: MedStatix' best-in-class service, surveys, and other products will continue uninterrupted.  The Coronavirus Screening survey and the Risk Forecast tools are being provided at no additional cost to our clients or their patients.  Clients will also receive the relevant portions of the Clio Health platform required to evaluate symptoms at no cost.  As always, the data will be provided back to our clients in a report format.

We would have preferred more time to engage with our clients prior to the release of these new tools and data.  Instead, we have elected to begin with large scale release, directly to patients, given the gravity of the pandemic and the rapid spread of the disease.

Our goal is to help both providers and patients.  Together we can make a real difference for society as we all attempt to #FlattenTheCurve. 

I am incredibly proud of the MedStatix and Clio Health teams who have worked tirelessly to create these solutions and to lessen the burden on clinical practices.  To our customers and healthcare workers, we stand in solidarity with you: you stand on the front lines, selfless in your service to our colleagues, friends and neighbors, and supported by our pride, appreciation and prayers.

Essam Abadir
Essam Abadir, CEO