When Patient Dissatisfaction Hurts

Patient satisfaction is becoming a leading driver in the successes of healthcare companies nationwide, if it isn’t the top-prioritized responsibility already.

Doctors who deliver a positive patient experience allow good reviews. Good reviews build a good reputation. Good reputations yield new and returning patients. New and returning patients keep the practice in business. It’s an ongoing process that every doctor and their associated practice need to be aware of.

Rada Jones, MD MBA FACEP wrote an interesting article highlighting her experiences with patient satisfaction in the emergency room with a wide array of patients. While we agree with a lot of her points, like the need for a satisfied patient, we have a different perspective on how we would achieve the same end goal.

We at MedStatix believe patient surveys to be the best known indicators of patient experience and satisfaction. From what we’ve found, we agree that the level of patient satisfaction is greatly determined by whether or not a patient’s anticipated need was met from their visit to the doctor.

But to what extent should the doctor go to in order to satisfy their patients? We are well aware that all patient care environments, ranging from primary care to emergency care, are different in their own ways. We believe doctors should practice honesty and compassion in their communication with the patient regardless in order to achieve patient satisfaction, not by simply telling or giving them what they want.

As a patient experience platform, we see patient satisfaction as a segment of the overarching patient experience. Patient health is the doctor’s first priority. Communicating a diagnosis effectively is the key to improved patient outcomes.