We are pleased to announce our annual list of Top Providers among the 26,0000 providers using the MedStatix Platform.

We are recognizing the top providers from the 26,000 providers using the MedStatix Patient Experience Platform. We surveyed over 850,000 patients in 2016 and only the best were recognized.  Only those providers who have received scores above 96% in Overall Patient Satisfaction and 60 reviews, qualified for the award.  Only 9% of the providers we surveyed made the list. There were also a select few that really excelled. We had 61 Providers that were at the very top, 99% rating or higher, which is quite an achievement. Gina Caso MD at CharterCare in RI  had 100% rating from 72 patient reviews, which is quite an accomplishment.  We also had 4 providers that not only had 99% Satisfaction Rating, but also had over 300 reviews in 2016.  Every day they are delivering care that patients were very satisfied with. Here’s the four providers. David Ellis, M.D. and James Squadrito, M.D  at Academic Urology in King of Prussia, PA, Scott Beach MD at Heart And Vascular Care, Inc in Atlanta, Georgia and Anita Pavels, M.D. at Premier Medical Group of the Hudson Valley,  NY.

Each recipient received a printed certificate and also a digital award on their Star Rating widget.   We collected over 300,000 reviews so far in 2017, so we have many providers that are currently at the top and working to stay there.