As MedStatix emerges as a national leader in patient satisfaction data acquisition and analytics, a growing number of EHR networks and their customers are beginning to recognize the immense value of the MedStatix Patient Experience Platform.

This month MedStatix reached another major milestone after joining the Greenway Health online Marketplace, an EHR marketplace of practice management solutions with more than 100,000 providers.

As a Greenway value-added partner, MedStatix will be the first to offer a platform for patient satisfaction surveys and analytics with nationwide benchmarking. Providers on the Greenway Marketplace will now be able to gain deep insights from their patients about quality of care, patient/doctor communication, wait times, and more—allowing them to identify pain points within their practice and improve the patient experience. Doctors who use our platform can also compare their results with providers nationwide and gain important insights into what works and what doesn’t for improving patient perceptions of their practice.

In recent months, MedStatix has experienced explosive growth both in the number of providers using our platform and in the number of patients completing our surveys. With more than 1,000,000 completed surveys from patients in all 50 states, we can draw statistically significant conclusions about what has the biggest impact on the patient experience, and what effects satisfied patients can have on health outcomes and the financial health of a practice.

The patient experience is rapidly becoming a vital focus within the healthcare industry. Patients are gaining more and more information about their healthcare choices, and that gives them more power to choose providers that deliver the best care. Moreover, reimbursement models now focus more on quality of care and the patient experience, which means patient satisfaction could determine which practices survive and which ones fail.

MedStatix is the feedback loop to help providers navigate this necessary shift in healthcare so that they can create a better experience for everyone. We are pleased to join the Greenway Health online Marketplace to reach more doctors than ever before, and we’re excited to work together with a growing number of providers to transform the healthcare experience across the country.

MedStatix partner page on Greenway Health online Marketplace.