We are releasing our annual list of the Top Performers of 2015 on the Patient Experience Platform.  To be eligible for the 2015 list, a provider had to have a minimum of 60 completed surveys and a score of 96% or higher on their Provider Satisfaction Rating.  This year 13.5% of providers on the platform made the list!  Last year only 6.1% of the providers made the list, so we saw quite a significant increase. There are three providers who averaged over 99% with over 70 completed surveys a piece and 127 providers averaged over 98%.  Most of the providers had a significant amount of responses, in fact, 35% of the Top Performers had over 300 completed surveys in 2015.

To highlight one of our original clients, Metro Urology, who has been asking their patients about their experiences for over two years. Realizing the value and importance of Patient Experience is the cornerstone to building a successful practice.  They gained valuable insights into their practice and had 3 providers make the list this year, Dr. Aaron Milbank, Dr. Chris Knoedler and Dr. Randolph Beahrs, this represents 10% of their providers making the list!  Last year, only Dr. Knoedler made the list, so quite an impressive increase for Metro Urology.   Special congratulations to Dr. Knoedler, who has over 500 completed surveys, which is impressive to have a high score from that many patients.

One way that practices and providers can display their Top Performer award is on their website with our star ratings widget. If the provider is a Top Performer, then the badge will display next to their rating. For example, Lancaster Urology, displays the Satisfaction Ratings for all of their providers. At, you can see how Dr. Hong and Dr. Theodoran were Top Performers for 2015. Dr. Theodoran is a repeat recipient, making the list last year, quite an accomplishment