Lancaster, PA: Healthcare tech company MedStatix announced today a partnership with athenahealth®, a leading provider of cloud-based services and mobile tools for medical groups and health systems, to integrate their patient experience platform into athenahealth’s athenaOne® services, used by more than 72,000 health care providers nationwide.

The MedStatix platform is a patient experience platform that delivers healthcare providers actionable insights from the voice of their patients by using specialty-specific surveys designed with the help of industry-leading physicians and advisors. athenaOne providers will have complimentary access to an overall satisfaction score, based on surveys administered by MedStatix. athenaOne providers seeking more insights about the patient experience will have the option to upgrade their service with MedStatix through the athenahealth Marketplace.

“athenahealth is delighted to partner with MedStatix to deepen our patient engagement services and offer athenahealth providers additional insight into the patient experience,” said Jonathan Porter, vice president of product strategy, athenahealth.

MedStatix aligns itself with the Triple Aim philosophy, with the goal of enhancing patient experience, improving patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs.

“We’re excited to partner with athenahealth and further MedStatix’s efforts to create disruption in  the healthcare marketplace.  We look forward to offering a unique insight into the patient experience that will be extremely powerful when coupled with athenaOne’s strong clinical and financial data,” MedStatix CEO Kim Ireland said.

The new partnership with athenahealth will allow MedStatix to continue to expand its immense pool of provider-patient data, research and insights that has made the company a leader in the patient experience industry.

About MedStatix:
MedStatix was founded on a philosophy of an exceptional patient experience for every patient, every time. The patient experience platform is a quantitative and qualitative analytics platform that delivers health care providers actionable insights from the voice of their patients. Through meaningful patient engagements they are able to measure and improve every patient experience.

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This article, So who are we, patients or consumers? won’t end the debate, but Dr. Pearl does bring up some interesting perspectives.  There are times when those needing health care are consumers and times when they are a patient.  If other industries are an indication of the future of health care, then the balance will shift to being a consumer.  The consumer will decide which specialist they want to see, compare costs of procedures at different locations, etc. For example Surgery Center of Oklahoma  They will also be patients at times, but Emergency care only accounts for 2% of total health care expenditures.  In reviewing comments from patients in our surveys, they are consumers, they are voicing their opinion of their care and whether they would refer others to this practice or physician.  The debate isn’t over, as the reader’s voice compeling arguements as well, in the comments section of this article.