Expanding the Patient-Powered Healthcare Initiative through Technology

Lancaster, PA-based MedStatix, LLC, welcomes its newest integration partner, POS® Professional Office Services, who will resell MedStatix’s white labeled, cloud-based specialty-specific patient experience survey platform to its healthcare customers.

MedStatix is a healthcare technology company with a mission of empowering patients to tell their doctors about their healthcare experiences in real time so that doctors and administrators can immediately change what is not working and amplify what is.

POS® is a healthcare communications company offering practices a variety of digital and printed communication materials and solutions. For more than 40 years, POS® has helped practices improve the patient experience through improved patient communications.

An expert in Healthcare IT, MedStatix CEO Kim Ireland, is leading an initiative of “patients as partners” who actively collaborate in improving the quality of their healthcare. She shared, “By integrating the MedStatix platform into their services, POS® will be able to help thousands of patients find their voice and be heard by doctors and healthcare administrators. POS® can have a powerful impact on patient satisfaction by engaging primary care and specialty healthcare practices to survey their patients and continuously learn from and adapt to the real-time, ever-changing results.”

Mike Williams, President, POS Professional Office Services, said, “At POS, we see ourselves as healthcare partners in patient communication. Our partnership with MedStatix reinforces our belief that good communication is important during every stage of patient care. By offering practices an opportunity to survey patients, we are providing another valuable tool to practices to improve their patient experience.”

Ms. Ireland knows the challenges that healthcare providers-from large hospitals to small specialty practices-face in realigning their services to be fully patient centric. “Using our sophisticated technology ecosystem, MedStatix’s patient experience survey platform gives doctors and practice administrators a powerful tool that is easy to integrate to instantly identify where practice improvements can be made to improve patient satisfaction, reduce risk and practice operations on an ongoing, adaptive basis. I am excited that POS® is joining the effort to help doctors and patients make healthcare better.”

About POS®

POS® is a healthcare communications company offering practices a variety of digital and printed communication materials. POS® has helped practices improve the patient experience through improved patient communications.

POS® is your partner in patient communication for:

  • Branded printed and electronic tools
  • Patient education resources
  • Communication strategies for healthcare
  • Brand identity
  • Patient statement processing
  • Automated messaging

About MedStatix, LLC

MedStatix, LLC, offers a WHITE LABELED, cloud-based specialty-specific patient experience survey platform that is bundled and/or resold by leading EMR/EHRs and other integrated healthcare service providers as a value-add to their products. The patient experience platform uses data science and predictive analytics learned from data hosted on the platform to enable healthcare providers to improve quality of care, patient retention rates and risk profiles of physician practices. The patient experience platform pinpoints specific, actionable problems where practices can improve their service through its easy-to-implement, yet sophisticated technology solution for monitoring and measuring patient experience by each provider across an organization. With over a decade delivering over one million patient surveys for over 25 pharmaceutical brands, as well as customer feedback platforms and analytics for Fortune-class brands, MedStatix enables their resellers to provide their customers with exceptional practice improvement opportunities. MedStatix, LLC, is supported by the combined technologies of Aspire VC’s portfolio of mobile, cloud and artificial intelligence companies-Investing great technology for the greater good. For more information, please visit